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Bennett becomes a mentor in music production

at the los Angeles Recording Connection 


Bennett perfoms at the Conejo Wine and Food Festival


Bennett performed as part of "Paul Brown and Friends" a concert at the Qualcomm stadium in San Diego on October 15.

Bennett is featured  with Paul Brown, Jessy J, Marc Antoine , Greg Karukas and DW3.


Bennett is invited to perform 'Get On Up!' with The Silence Is Broken, a non profit organization run by G.Patrick Gandy. in a concert "Pancakes, Mingle and Music" July 17th at Bhansali Farm in So. Cal.  

As well as being a member of the  the band, Bennett performed 'Get On Up!' from the CD Midnight Passion.

Included in the concert was TC Carson, Lynette DuPree and Patrick Gandy.

Here is a link to the concert in the Spotlight section


Midnight Passion Enters Billboard Most Adds 4/7/16

4/7/16 - Midnight Passion enters Billboards Most Added tracks.

2/21/16- 'MIDNIGHT PASSION' - the new CD from Benntt B will be released 4/16/16!

10/5/15 When Push Comes To Shove is released, becoming Billboard's 2nd most added track.

9/22/15 - The first single  'When Push Comes To Shove' will be released 10/5/15. 6/15 - Production begins for the follow up to 'Groove Time' ,  once again I am working hard with Paul Brown.

           Expect some surprises! Stay tuned- keep you posted.What I can say is this is definitly a progession from  'Groove Time'

5/15/15-Bennet begins a Go Fund Me campaign to begin recording the follow up to Groove Time :

3/21/15- Get On Up!(remix) reaches #13 on Billboard!

3/21-22/15- HTR Jazzy/HTR Melbourne presents a weekend with Bennett B where he discusses music and life and 'Groove Time'.

3/4/15 Bennett is interviewed on KXPT 97.1 with Ric Gould to talk about his career.

Get on Up! (remix) reaches #16 on Billboard!

Get On Up! (remix) is #1 for the 3rd week on Broadcast Architecture Smooth Jazz Chart. Get On Up!(remix) moves to #19 with a bullet on the BiIlboard Smooth Jazz Chart and is #7 on The Smooth Jazz Top 20 with Allen Kepler.

Get On Up! (remix) reaches #8 on the Smooth Jazz Top 20 and Enters the Billboard chart listed as new and active with a bullet at #26.

Get On Up! (remix) has been picked as a 'future hit' by Allen Kepler of iHeart Radio and The Smooth Jazz Network. Debuting on iHeart Radio December 21st.

New Release - Get On Up! (remix). In Stores January 2nd, 2015!

"Tell Me About It" exceeds 100,000 units sold on iTunes!

"Tell Me About It", the first single from 'Groove Time' reaches 10,000 units sold on iTunes!

In Stores Now!

New Release - When Push Comes to Shove.
In Stores October 5th, 2015!
New Release - Get On Up! (remix).
In Stores January 2nd, 2015!
Autographed Copies Available!


"Midnight Passion is a masterful album and one that places Bennett B in the highest echelons of contemporary jazz

Denis Poole -

If you know the LA jazz scene then chances are you know Bennett Brandeis. Whether as part of the re-formed 5th Dimension's touring band or working in studio orchestras such as that at Universal for the television show Magnum P.I., this fine guitarist is all about the groove so it is no surprise that his latest release is the appropriately titled 'Groove Time'. Produced by multi Grammy winning Paul Brown, and with the likes of Ricky Lawson, Greg Adams, Roberto Vally, Marco Basci, Elan Trotman and Darren Rahn around to lend a hand, this is an album that has come out of no-where to be rightly regarded as among the best of the year so far.

In fact 'Groove Time' is the fourth solo project from Brandeis (aka Bennett B) and follows his debut CD, 'Jazz Guitar' (that he recorded as a trio with Joe LaBarbera on drums and Dave Carpenter on bass).

Read the Rest of this review by Denis Poole

Bennett's compositions are currently being featured in television programs for: National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet!

About Bennett

Bennett began playing guitar at the age of six, learning clarinet for the school orchestra then returning to guitar at 15, playing in school and local bands.

He studied at the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, where he immersed himself in the worlds of harmony, music theory, arranging, composition and performance. This led to Bennett studying at Berklee College of Music, where he graduated with honors.

While working in studio orchestras including Universal studios for the... Read More